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Show Schedule:   I will be attending the following 2013 Shows.  If you find a particular knife model interesting please let me know and I will make every effort to have at least 1 knife in that style.  You, the collector, have always been my best source for which knives are most desired/in demand.

2015 Atlanta Blade Show:             June 5th - June 7th Table 7M


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August 2008:  Much has changed in the last year.  I am now a full voting member of the Knifemakers' Guild.  The board of Directors, and many of its members, have shared a great deal of their knowledge to help me reach this milestone.  I also want to thank my customers for putting their trust in me.  Your support has allowed me to become a full time knife maker.  Some of you may have also noticed that I have a new address.  On July 28th we moved to a new home that has a dedicated shop for making knives.  It is another big step to improve quality, creativity, and ultimately value for each and every knife I make.

June 2007:  My adventure into custom knives began 5 years ago when I started hunting with my father-in-law and his friends. However, the factory knives I used were just not performing well. In my search for a better knife, I came across an A.G. Russell catalog and I was amazed at all the custom and semi-custom knives that were available. After buying and using one in the field, I found myself creating a collection of custom knives.

I wanted to make my own knife and while I've had an extensive wood shop for 20 years, I did not have experience with steel. It started to become an obsession and I read every knife book I could find. I don't know why it didn't click earlier, but during several conversations with my brother, he started answering all of my questions just as if he were giving me directions to the local hardware store. The light came on. My brother had been a machinist and Tool & Die maker for over 25 years. Now I had no more excuses not to try. In a few short months I was hooked. That was 2 years ago.

To date, I've made just about every type of fixed blade there is and while I do work with steels such as ATS34 and D2, Damascus is my favorite. There's just something magical each time I pull the blade out of the etching solution and see the pattern in its finished state. Early in 2005, I found that folding knives offer the best opportunity to express my artwork and to create truly unique knives.

My goals have always been: First, make a knife that can be a "working knife." Blade length must be sufficient to do the job. Blade temper is matched to the type of steel. The knife must be comfortable and balanced in the hand. Second, the fit and finish must be as close to perfect as possible. Even the smallest gap or crack between the scales and the core will, over time, cause the scales to pull away or become loose. Finally, the knife must be visibly pleasing and have enough detail that there is no doubt it is a custom knife. So whether one of my knives is used during hunting season or displayed in a collection, I want the owner to always be proud of it.

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